Business Philosophy

Beach House Bar & Grill promotes healthy and safe recreational activities. With this in mind, the underlying focus of Beach House Bar & Grill is to provide a safe, enjoyable and responsibly managed venue for our staff and patrons.

RSA Expectations on Staff
Responsible Service of Alcohol is a standard and also a measure of training that is compulsory at Beach House Bar & Grill. At its simplest level all front of house staff must complete RSA accredited training within one month of commencing work at Beach House and must ensure the training is implemented on the job on a daily basis.


The centrepiece of our House Policy is the environment we provide for our staff and our patrons. This environment is intended to be everything that is best about Beach House – safe, healthy, vibrant, fun and responsible.

Customer Service
The service of our customers is at the forefront of our commitment to the House Policy. In true Beach House style this service must be warm, friendly, outgoing and distinctly Australian, but also firm and responsible when the need arises.

Minors are prohibited from entering our venue unless by lawful exception. Any incident involving a minor being refused entry must be recorded in the Incident Record. Minors will be reported to the Police.

Intoxicated Persons
Intoxicated persons will be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity at all times. Unduly intoxicated persons will be refused service and techniques used to aid the patron in the most appropriate manner.

Security / Police
Security, Crowd Controllers and / or Police will be contacted to help the venue at any time when the safety of any person cannot be guaranteed by venue staff. The primary obligation of any staff member who feels any situation is dangerous is to inform their supervisor and ultimately security and the Police.

Patron Assistance
As mentioned earlier any intoxicated, unduly intoxicated or patron in general is to be offered assistance wherever possible. In the case of intoxication that may include the suggestion to consume drinks of a non alcoholic or low alcohol nature. In the case of the patrons at large assistance may be as simple as directions to transport or contacting a friend to help care for the patron.

Incident Register
Beach House Bar & Grill has implemented an Incident Register. The Incident Register is to be completed whenever an incident occurs involving a persons injury, unruly behaviour, removal, refusal of service or refusal of entry.

Respect, Courtesy and Dignity are the standards by which patrons will be dealt with whilst at our venue. Whilst always keeping this in mind, all staff including Security staff will be mindful of refusing service and/or entry to any patron who is intoxicated, fails to meet the dress regulations, is not of majority age or cannot prove their age, or Is generally unruly.

Low or Non Alcoholic Alternatives
Beach House Bar & Grill is committed to offering a balanced range of products to our customers. This includes a myriad of non-alcoholic beverages including juices, soft drinks, mock tails and water. Further, it is the commitment of management that a wide variety of low strength and mid strength beverages be offered and that these beverages be displayed prominently and always with non price parity to their full strength counterparts.

Responsible Promotion
Beach House Bar & Grill has a policy to never promote the consumption of alcohol irresponsibly. This includes any promotion that promotes rapid or excessive consumption or price discounting promotions.
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